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As of 8am Untitled (Enter the looking glass)

As of 8am Untitled (Enter the looking glass)


1141 pm

The mind plays tricks on you

Use to be it was 3am

A sleepless night


Too much booze

Too much, too much

Still not enough

If I can’t have it all

Then please

None at all please

Thanks but no thanks

Thumbing through my catalog of

Unusual occurrences I ran across my

If I never learn does that make me stupid?


Redeemed it

Then I try to run

got stuck

in the familiar setting of


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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It



In living color


Bursting with brightness and brilliance

Better than Panavision

Lasting longer than





I see, I see

The eyes have it

They see

All you show

I see

Just when you think I don’t

I see

Look but don’t touch

Drink it all in


With the eye

Savior every moment

You can’t stop the eyes

from seeing

They see

Even if you don’t show

What you don’t know


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Conversation With My Heart

Conversation With My Heart


If I keep you in a dungeon will you escape again?

Running free you are a menace.

Warms rushing blood causes you discontent

Then off you are to wrangle with Cupids in late January.

I should leave you out in the cold

But it seems we have encountered an Indian summer

That is always the case with you.

You cannot be contained, and will always do as you wish.

If I only had a brain

That I could gift to…

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Without Wounds Chapter 10-Bone Wall

Without Wounds Chapter 10-Bone Wall

Originally posted on la fey wit:


During the hours Yuta spent chanting, Deramo studied the pages of his book.  Sometimes, he wearied before he recited his own evening prayers. He was more accustomed now, to listening to Yuta chant the evening song. He hummed softly to the tune but knew he did not have the correct status to recite the words. But he needed to know. What were the meanings of…

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We need, we.


Loneliness is Me
Alone. Together with me
no one to break the spell
nor to snap the droning buzz
of solitude ‘cept WE

I need you
need me
we need

Have life shared
even my half life
together to make a One
half and half
for a whole
Like coffee with cream
for the smoothness and flavor
Oh, that the warmth ebbs and flows
though my body
thus the feeling of being

Like a cane when walking

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Without Wounds Chapter 9-Very Big Dogs

Without Wounds Chapter 9-Very Big Dogs

Originally posted on la fey wit:


As they traveled deeper into the interior of the Land, Deramo saw more species of animals and plants than he could have imagined. He labored to remember their names and purposes. He created a log book of sorts, pressing leaves and flowers between birch parchment, sketching names with the end of a bird feather in ash.

Although Yuta felt this displayed a little…

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Without Wounds Chapter 8-Take One

Without Wounds Chapter 8-Take One

Originally posted on la fey wit:

Yuta attempted many lessons in the flow of moons and suns. Today he wished to show Deramo stealth in mammoth grass when hunting.

“Dde Rramoo! Our moccasins move quietly on the Mother Earth.” Yuta dramatized motions of moving extra quietly as if he was hunting. Or being hunted. “We must ask permission to step on flowers and use the trees, for the spirits of…

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Without Wounds Chapter 7-Conflict and Peace

Without Wounds Chapter 7-Conflict and Peace

Originally posted on la fey wit:

Yuta’s choice of displaying Turtle Island to a Silver Hat had begun before he had a chance to bring it before the Council. He wanted to show this man-child the Ways and send him back to his own place across the water with a message, a moral, and a warning. The Central Land was full of potent, resilient Peoples with close relationships to the Spirits of the…

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Without Wounds Chapter 6-Earth Hands

Without Wounds Chapter 6-Earth Hands

Originally posted on la fey wit:

World Turtle

Captain Deramo moved slowly as he woke. He hurt everywhere. He was unclear as to why the ship had stopped her motion, but so grateful to feel a lightness in his being. He knew he had been attacked by a sea creature with a knife and was in Heaven; he was filled with praise in his heart. He formed the words for the prayer of Ascension into Grace then realized he…

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Without Wounds Chapter 5- One White Face

Without Wounds Chapter 5- One White Face

Originally posted on la fey wit:


 He stared at the White One. Training fixed in his mind reminded him of his duty. But pointless death was not the way of any Tribe. Torn between reaction and responsibility, Yuta paddled aimlessly in the rising waves.

 Drinking heavily from his water skin, his heart sank when he traced his fingers across the symbols Bright Eyes had placed on it. Sensing water,…

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